Drum Recordings for Studioprojects

In my own studio I record and mix drums for studioprojects.


Editing und Mixing

Every drum track I record is edited and roughmixed by me.


If requested by the Artist I can also mix the drums or the whole session.


As software I use Logic Pro X, Harrison Mixbus or Studio One 5 with a variety of third party plugins.



You can book me for studio drums recorded in my own studio. But I´m also bookable to work in other studios.


If booked as a live drummer I usually play with in ears and a clicktrack.






I am currently giving drumlessons at my own studio and at


Schlagzeugunterricht Schorndorf


 Face to face or in times of covid online via doozzoo.

Studio Workshops

Cause I´m based here. All workshops are held in German.


Die Workshops beeinhalten Themen wie:


- Mikrofonierung, Schallwandler im Allgemeinen

- Editing/ Mixing

- Studiotechnik

- Theorie im Bereich der Tonstudio-Technik und zum mischen.