Moinsen! (Weird way to say hello in Germany)

First let me thank you for visiting my page.


My name is Marcel Orgis. I am not too much into writing texts about myself.  But I will give my best so you can get a feeling of what of a person I am.


To break the ice. Let me start with some random facts about myself.


year of construction: 1995

favourite food:           Pizza

favourite drink:          black coffee

favourite TV Show:     TopGear (British version of course)

nickname:                  Orgster, Moe

The most important thing for me when it comes to music is passion. I don´t like the way of thinking of music too much as an industry. I never tried to write music that attracts the mainstream of people just to get a lot of views. I write and want to work on music that really speaks to me.

So if you consider working with me and send me a project which off I think I´m not the best fit as a drummer, I will be honest and tell you in a respectfull manner that you should hire somebody else. This could have different reasons. Style of music, the style of playing needed (I´m not the fastest doublebass player ;)  etc.)

So now a bit of my past:
My dad got me into music when I was about 6 years old. He really got me into classic rock etc.
I started listening to his old rock tape´s from Queen, ACDC, Deep Purple just to name a few. The energy of this kind of art really hit me so when I was 10 my asked my parents if I could start with drum lessons and I´m really thankfull they let me do it.

I was very passionate about playing but also I was always interested in recording. My taste in music evolved and I started to listen to a wide range of genres. When I was 14 I also started to take guitar and bass lessons. I am very thankful that I had very inspiring teachers.

With the years I played in a lot of bands and a lot of my money went into gear. I first learned a lot recording skills from my guitar teacher which owns a studio and label. Later I made my audio engineering degree.
I also went to masterclasses or workshops from people like Jost Nickel, Gus G, Ralv Milberg to name a few.
I always knew that music was one of the most important things in my life and I have to work as a musician.
So here I am running my drum production studio and giving drum lessons.


My style of drumming:
To describe my style of drumming. I´m very into prog rock, post rock, alternative rock and funk. I love atmospheric music with a lot of emotions. It´s not to important to me to play complicated mathematical drum parts even though I really like playing these.

I try to combine these styles in my playing. But most important I always try to serve the song. I think the art of playing drums to a song is to give the listener a good feel of the groove but also make the part interesting without overplaying it.


Last but not least  if you hire me I will respect your art and will give my best to give it some great sounding drums.

Again I´d like to thank you for your interest. I am really looking forward to work with you on your projects.


and now verfatz dich!

(Have a marvellous day and take care! ;) )